• Mycotoxin
  • Production of GMO / gluten-free products
  • Small amount of fermentable fiber
  • Excessive amount of soluble fibers
  • Non-specific indigestion due to inflammation in the intestine
  • Insufficient feces quality
  • Too little lactate production in the intestine
  • Too little butyric acid production in the intestine
  • No or not sufficient polyphenols (no / too low antioxidants in the intestine)


woodfood® - Replacement of up to 7 expensive additives in your existing feed mix.


Advantages in production:

  • Cost savings
  • Recipe simplification
  • No nutrient dilution due to low amounts used
  • Flexible dosage between 2-5%
  • Improved pelletability through fat binding capacity


Benefits in feeding:

  • High efficacy to support gut health
  • physiological and technical antioxidant with high natural polyphenol content
  • strong improvement of the droppings quality
  • No influence on the acceptance of the feed


How does woodfood® work? - prebiotic!

woodfood® has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. The prebiotic effects stabilize the intestinal health by fermentation of the contained arabinogalactans. The lactic acid is metabolized to butyric acid. This is how woodfood® specifically promotes butyric acid production - and thus the most efficient substrate for the intestinal mucosa!


woodfood® consists of a patented extremely fine ground wood mixture (99% insoluble fiber and fermentable arabinogalactan), which are fermented exclusively in the large intestine.


woodfood® has two mechanisms:
It transports the soluble fibers to their fermentation area - into the colon. In addition, the metabolization of woodfood® produces a high proportion of butyric acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves problems with the consistency of the feces by promoting water absorption in the large intestine.


How does woodfood® work? As a technical antioxidant!

woodfood® can significantly slow down the process of rancification in the pet food production!

This is shown by the Rancimat test with poultry fat (control). This determines the capacity of substances to slow down the process of "rancidity".
woodfood® has more than 50% of the capacity of a synthetic antioxidant, thus saving on "unnatural" technological additives.